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Eco Pod Coffee

Ultimate Reusable K-cup

Ultimate Reusable K-cup

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✔️ Save money and the environment! 

Reusable K-cup for Keurig® 1.0 &  2.0 machines.

Want to reduce waste, save money and still enjoy the benefits of traditional K-cups? Us too. That's why we're so passionate about our reusable alternative.

Made of stainless steel for ultimate durability, this is the only pod you will ever need. Buy once and enjoy unlimited uses.

What's included:

1 Durable stainless steel cup and lid
1 Coffee Scoop
1 Cleaning Implement 

Quick & Easy to use

Make the perfect cup in just a few seconds, simply fill the cup with ground coffee, then use it in your machine as normal. 



With this reusable K-cup you stop adding to the 200 million cups used every day. Although some single-use pods can be returned for recycling the process itself is not eco friendly, and who needs another thing on their to-do list.

Saves money

Working out at less than half the cost of single-use this reusable alternative will save you hundreds of dollars every year, see how much you could be saving with our online tool.

Unlimited coffee choice

Fill your pod with coffee exactly to your taste, you can support local producers or find ground coffee at your favourite store.




Shipping & Returns

Our current shipping times are 7-21 days.

It will hopefully be close to 7 days but unfortunately we cannot make any promises.

We thank you for your patience, your Eco Pod Coffee order will be worth the wait!

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