Reusable Coffee Pods

With our reusable and eco-friendly capsules you reduce waste, save money and still enjoy the benefits of pod coffee.

A bit about us

Eco Pod Coffee is passionate about providing you with a sustainable and cost effective alternative to single use coffee pods. 

Your morning coffee should not be compromised by a commitment to sustainablity. We believe that our well designed, high quality, ethically sourced products are key to allowing you to do good, and produce a great coffee!

How Eco Pods Work

Why Make the Switch?

Save money

Made from high quality, marine grade stainless steel, our capsules will not rust or corrode. Our refillable capsules are designed to last a lifetime. 

Using our refillable capsule saves an average household $730+ every year, see how much you could be saving with our online tool.

Save the planet

We have the solution to help you stop contributing to the 200 million single use capsules used everyday.

Save thousands of capsules a year being produced and going to landfill, or being recycled at a large cost to the environment.

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Used the pod for the first time and it worked perfectly! Really got flavor my favorite coffee to come through...


These reusable pods are made out of quality materials and have a really nice finish. I use a medium-fine grind and get really nice coffee. Never using ordinary pods again.


I'm super happy with these reusable pods. I have 3 and use them every morning!