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A bit about us

Eco Pod Coffee is passionate about providing you with a sustainable and cost effective alternative to single use coffee pods. 

We believe that our well designed, high quality, ethically sourced products are key to allowing you to do good for the planet, save money, and enjoy great coffee!

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How long do Eco Pods last?

Infinitely. Buy once and reuse for a lifetime!

What are Eco Pods made out of?

A combination of 304 food grade stainless steel and/or food grade BPA free silicone, depending on the pod type.

Will it damage my coffee machine?

No it will not. If your machine is listed as compatible on our website we have extensively tested it with our Pod and had no issues.

Will it void my machines warranty if I use an Eco Pod?

No. Using our pod is the same as using any other compatible pods from different brands. The only difference is that our pod doesn't create waste and saves you money.

What type of coffee do I use in the Pod?

To get the best flavour and caffeine extraction we recommend a dark-medium roast and medium-fine or "espresso" grind coffee.  

Why use an Eco Pod?

  • Save Money

    Costing less than half of what normal pods do, Eco Pods save you thousands of dollars every year.

  • Enjoy great coffee

    Fill your Pod with coffee exactly to your taste and enjoy a great brew every time

  • Save the planet

    Eco Pods will help you stop contributing to the 200 million single-use capsules used everyday.

See how much you could be saving by using an Eco Pod...

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