Eco Pod Tips

Top five tips for making the best coffee with your Eco Pods


  1. Coffee quality can change your brew drastically, great coffee makes a great brew.


  1. Grind size, if the coffee in the pod is too coarse the brew will come out weak, alternatively if the coffee is extra fine (powder-like consistency) it can prevent liquid from passing through the pod. To get the best flavor and caffeine extraction we recommend the following:




  1. Fill the pod completely, for the best brew your pod needs to be filled to capacity with coffee. Sometimes this may require filling your pod, tamping with the back of the scoop/spoon then adding more coffee before tamping with the Tamper and putting the lid on.


  1. Tamping the coffee, not tamping enough can result in a weaker brew, but tamp too much and your coffee may not brew properly. A good rule of thumb is to tamp the ground coffee until it compacts slightly, there is no need to apply much force.


  1. Lastly and most importantly, experiment and have fun! Everyone's coffee preference is different so consider trying a few types until you find your new favorite.